Awareness Days June 2021

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

We're starting to feel some heat in the air, so it's about time summer is on it's way! Celebrate the summer with your content on midsummer's day / summer solstice (21st).

Without a doubt this month, Social Media Day (30th) is my favourite day. Why not celebrate your followers or organise some kind of giveaway or competition. For World Environment Day (5th) talk about what your business does or recycles to protect the environment. Animals work really well on social, so how about some content around Bring Your Dog To Work Day (25th) and Nature Photography Day (15th). And importantly don't forget Father's Day (20st June).

Scan through my list of awareness days for June and add relevant ones to your content calendar📆

W/C 1st June 2021

W/C 7th June 2021

W/C 14th June 2021

W/C 21st June 2021

W/C 28th June 2021

I hope these come in useful and let me know of any days I have missed.

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