Awareness Days for April 2021

Writing this at the end of March, life still feels a bit in limbo waiting for announcements on the ease of restrictions. Hopefully April will see us well on the roadmap to getting back to how life used to be🤞. There are plenty of awareness days to take your mind off things and more importantly hook your content off 📆.

Watch out you are not pranked on April Fools Day (1st), leading up to Easter weekend (3rd & 4th). Lots of eggs, rabbits, ducks, chocolate, flower emojis are good to sprinkle in around then. Have fun with Find A Rainbow Day (3rd), Unicorn Day (9th) and I can't resist World Penguin Day (25th)🐧🐣🐰🍫

Scan through my list and add relevant ones into your content calendar 🗓. I recommend getting into the habit of batch creating content. This means blocking out some time to create and schedule your content for the next two weeks, month or whatever time frame you can manage. It is such an efficient use of your time and then you know your social media content is taken care of and you can add in spontaneous or of the moment posts as they come up.

April is the month for...

W/C 1st April 2021

W/C 5th April 2021

W/C 12th April 2021

W/C 19th April 2021

W/C 26th April 2021

I hope these come in useful and let me know of any days I have missed.

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